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Salon Comparaisons.    ART CAPITAL

group "La vie en instantane"


curator François Fasnibay

February 2023, le Grand Palais ephemere, Paris 

Mystic Lands

fine art numbered limited edition of 8

hand printed analog photography

hahnemulle paper

catalog available 

I also present a numbered limited edition box of drawings hand made digitally reproduced on fine art 300g paper

15_24-Mas-box-exquisite codes-web.jpg

I also present a numbered  limited edition box of performance documentation photography

hand made digitally reproduced on Fiji film deep mat 250gpaper


AQVA ART MIAMI suite 201


represented by Peter Hopkins & HOHENTHAL UND BERGEN


"Exquisite codes"


November 30th - Aqua Art-&pm on the sun deck

with Marco Tassini/ dressed by Tilmann Grawe

'Be the Change'


December 3rd - starting on the beach- 4pm

with Eloise Valli

ALEXANDRA MAS ©Fabrice Malard _G2A5205-Edit.jpg

"(...) Our relation continued and I was getting deeper into her protean work traveling towards figurative painting confines, lyrical abstraction, pictographs, art to wear. Alexandra Mas is constantly exploring new territories. (...)                                                                                            

 Valérie PENVEN art journalist, curator, art critic

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about the Artist

art show

press & more

“Artist fetishizing the human body (and fist of all, women’s body) with all the representations, Alexandra Mas definds herself as a beauty addict. But pay attention: this, in our corrupted world, ...” 

Paul ARDENNE, author, curator, art critic
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interview, artsixmic, alexandra mas

"(...) Starting with the academic drawing, which she masters brilliantly, she traversed with bulimia a vast register of visual exploration which necessarily goes through photography and video to the most skilful digital manipulations of the image, performances or body art - work done with one's own body or that of others. The Aurore des Temps series (...) deliberately converts aestheticism into ecological activism. Beyond that, I like to see in the figures of actresses Aurore Tomé and Athule Mbekeni, strangely modified by their gold leaf garments, reminders of chryselephantine statues of antiquity. Like a new Midas king, the artist, who never ceases to seek an ideal of beauty, seems to turn everything she touches into gold, assuming the risks of reification.(...)                                                                                            

 Ioana VLASIU, art critic, doctor in art history, researcher

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"Artistic polyvalence was the norm during the renaissance epoch. We can still find this “touche à tout” beings, just like Alexandra Mas, multidisciplinary artist. ....."           


Jean DEULCEUX, lecturer & art critic

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Work in progress

Vanitas Nostrum sculptural installation

presented first  Place Vendome, by the Comité Vendome, featured in Book Haute couture,Italy, 2018-2019, in Le Parisien, July 2018, and on the web mag Artsixmic, selected by the Salon Des Artistes Francais 2022 and presented in the Grand Palais Ephemere in Paris, the sculpture is having now a residency in the Fortezza Orsini GR Sorano, Tuscany. 


The cumulative sculpture is evolving and needs your objects. All old, new, used, empty things but full of stories, linked to your vanity. They can be perfume bottles, cosmetic products, jewellery, lace, dolls, miniature car and boats, bags, shoes, and more.

you can bring your vanity objects and stories at the Frotezza Orsini to be implemented by the artist into the sculpture

Attention artists and art lovers! You can be a part of this amazing artwork being created and shown with @shim_eco at   @alexandramas_artist is creating a new piece as a part of her @vanitasnostrum project and YOU can help make it happen! Open to anyone, men, women, non-binary, anyone who would like to participate!


What is it?

This sculpture is created from anything linked to "your" vanity, from mirrors to used beauty products. Abandoned jewelry, dolls, shoes, fake eyelashes, combs, wigs...


Vanitas Nostrum ( our vanity ) is an expression of what we tend to consume for our image confort. The superfluous, the superficial, worst, what society is teaching us about beauty … This sculpture is about everything that makes you feel comfortable when in society, but also more intimate, moments of your emancipation, féminin statements and needs. The installation will be accompanied by a cumulative sound piece that gives voice to this sculpture. In essence, your voices, all together making it universal. 


How you can be involved: 

by offering your vanity linked o objects and (not mandatory) a story of the object 

contact the artist to receive directions 


Send your audio recordings to : a short audio recording on what your vanity products mean to you, it can be a word, a phrase or a long poetical monologue, a whisper or a scream, a lamentation or a strong affirmation, its yours! Make sure you register it in a quiet place. In Paris the sculpture is accompanied by: Mike Altrin, Valerie Fert, Kandi Spindler, Sarah Olson, Bernard Garo, Peter Hopkins, Hugues Lechanoine, Marco Tassini and the artist herself.   

photos by Marco Tassini 

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