"(...) Our relation continued and I was getting deeper into her protean work traveling towards figurative painting confines, lyrical abstraction, pictographs, art to wear. Alexandra Mas is constantly exploring new territories. (...)                                                                                            

 Valérie PENVEN art journalist

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“Artist fetishizing the human body (and fist of all, women’s body) with all the representations, Alexandra Mas definds herself as a beauty addict. But pay attention: this, in our corrupted world, ...” 


Paul ARDENNE, author, curator

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"Artistic polyvalence was the norm during the renaissance epoch. We can still find this “touche à tout” beings, just like Alexandra Mas, multidisciplinary artist. ....."           


Jean DEULCEUX, lecturer & art critic

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2019  Screening "No - an ugly story" - the artivism in Venice, Gwenael Billaud, for La Galerie, November,Paris

           performance & screenings "No - an ugly story" - the artivism at Art Miami, December, Miami

2020  Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais Paris, curated by Francois Fasnibay, Art Capital, February 11th to 16th

          Performance & Art show, Espace Vidal, February - March, Venice

Vanitas Nostrum sculptural installation

presented first  Place Vendome, by the Comité Vendome, featured in Book Haute couture,Italy, 2018-2019, in Le Parisien, July 2018, and on the web mag Artsixmic

The sculpture will be presented in Venice during the carnival in the Vidal gallery, art space present on the official calendar of the event. 


The cumulative sculpture is evolving and needs your objects. All old, new, used, empty things but full of stories, linked to your vanity. They can be perfume bottles, cosmetic products, jewellery, lace, dolls, miniature car and boats, bags, shoes, and more.


Please contact the artist for directions. Alexandra can pick up personally in Paris and Bordeaux. 

photos by Marco Tassini 

Work in progress

Dallas, Texas 

April 22nd on line 

noon to 7.30pm

Dallas Time, live


We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Eco-militant Earth Day event.

Mas Tassini Studio, Shim Art Network, Robert Trend Jones Jr. Freddy Clarke

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