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Self portrait, local dead branches, red paint and rope, collected and offered symbolic objects 


photo Arnaud Rinnuccini

MAS-rebirth - installation - fotografia-legno.JPG

No Plastic

eco artivism

after the Paza San Marco performance the plastic cape and its videos have been installed in San Vidal Gallery, curator Cristiano Palazzo. The artist wished to present all the route it took from Bordeaux to Paris, Venice, Miami and back in Venice. 

For this extraordinary path, Alexandra Mas collaborated with:

Sergio Boldrin and La Bottega dei Mascareri

IFA Paris

Bio Lin Normandy

Robert Trent Jones Jr. 

Freddy Clarke 

Marina Prando Dance School

Shim Art Network

Shim Eco

Art Miami Art Fairs

Pinta Miami

Aqua Art Miami 

Venezia Da Vivere 

La Biennale

Venice Fashion Week

Associazione Piaza San Marco

Venice Carnival

Venice Tab Water

and of course,  Mas Tassini studio and Marco Tassini

photo Venice Carnival


Sublichrom on aluminium, 2017

Artist's paintings printed on 1.5mm aluminium foils

video by Marco Tassini



a contemporaneous vanity (images from the installation)

Musique: Mike ALTRIN  & Vlad STURDZA

Voices: Alexandra MAS & Mike ALTRIN  

video Ko-KOK & Alexandra MAS / production 2015

We used generative music to offer a certain meditational dimension to the project. It plays on the cerebral waves with a very subtle psychological effect. This art show caries a profound personal message, as many of us form subconsciously preconceived ideas. We wanted to take you into these dark areas of our minds, where demons appear. In a profane language we might say this is but an unbearable buzz.

In the texts, we will discover five levels, the woman and four observers that Mike Altrin named the four judges: The Love-struck Voice, the Hatred Voice, the Novice  Voice (the one analysing himself at the view of another) and the Heart Voice, linked to the portrait with the same title.

“What can be understood from one’s appearance? Intuition, analyse, judgment…. From the moment we are born they attach labels to us. This labels they give you or you take in order to comply with an acceptable and friendly social pattern…fluctuant identity floating on the trends and waives that offer us roles to paly in the life’s grand theatre. Till the day we realise the necessity to break free of stereotypes, till the day we chose to become ourselves. This moving identity, this becoming creation fascinates me…”

By Valérie Penven, art jurnalist

"Installation of about 30 self-portraits put together like a mask game: "If I were to have a different exterior, how would you see me, as the same?" In this group we discover “Heart”, photography and painting on metal. 

This work is brought together by sound by Mike Altrin with Alexandra Mas’ voice and text. Préconçue offers a stroll in the deep inner being of the artist. Far from an egocentric work, Préconçue is a voyage in the heart of the studio of a female artist.”

Jean Deulceux Lecturer and Art Critic

watch the installation video lower


public intervention

Self portrait for public intervention. During two month, this image was exposed in the Parisian gallery ArtetMiss and people could paint, scratch, hit, stain, write, do whatever they felt like doing. 

During this period of time, Alexandra Mas added the people gossip newspapers of the time, offering to the installation a precise timeframe. The artist is condemning both, public's pleasure in trashing someone's image as the enjoyment of self exposer. This is part of the Preconceived works on women image into society. 

the result was part of a public raffle and one of the participants has it. 


Photo by Ko-KOK 

“The scenography invites the viewer to participate. One could see the artwork as performance: they are all self-portraits, or participative works". In front of “the Diva” you will find acrylic paint for each of you to play action painting like a modern Jackson Pollock. Smearing her image shows a detachment of the artist from her image.  The final artwork no longer belongs to the artist but to the public."

Jean Deulceux Lecturer and Art Critic



Walking art,  fashion installation, art-to-wear, art-a-porter. From 2009 to 2014 Alexandra Mas created a concept for and with French designer Eric Tibusch. They cosigned a certain number of haute couture pieces of a unique technique. A game, the artist was doing a painting in total creational liberty. The designer would receive it 10 days before the Parisian Fashion Week to transform the canvas into glamorous gowns, or futuristic jackets. 

They were featured in major fashion magazines. 

here model Maria Monduci