photo Marco Tassini

the artist is grateful to the Comité Vendôme, the house Damiani, the house Lachaume, Acrylica Paris and photographer Marco Tassini

The act of withering will mark the passage of time, this ancestral symbol accompanying the art piece and giving us, for a moment, the keys of her creative intimacy; I find it almost initiatic, because we recognise ourselves in it.

This experience is intangible, surprising… and no matter what your feelings may be in front of this sculpture, it offers to you naked, vulnerable, in the same time, if any paradox can be, terribly powerful.  

                                                                           Severine Hartenstein

photo Christian Tarro Toma

Vanitas  Nostrvm

cumulative sculpture 

Here we are, face to face with this surprising parallelepiped telling us a story throughout the elements composing it. Using the cumulative technique, the visual and performing artist Alexandra Mas, embeds objects full of reason. They are writing, just like words, Vanitas Nostrum.

What can be more identifying and attaching than a fragrance? Yet, it evaporates with all the knowhow and the marvellous that it holds. In this same manner, sailing ships, dolls, mirrors, collection cars, pumps, accessories, laces… all this luxury…objects of our life nestling in this art work, aren’t they, ultimately, fleeting witnesses?

The composition is an oneiric voyage, allowing us to reflect on the ornaments we wear and the roles we are playing. Very direct, Alexandra Mas is showing throughout Sergio Boldrin’s masks, a whole human comedy of false pretences and emotional hideouts. We discovered it Place Vendome, Paris, in it’s embryonic state, kissed by the flowers from maison Lachaume.


Today the sculpture is in Salon des Artistes Francais, during Art Capital Paris. Surrounded by living Lachaume flowers and whispers about vanity collected and recomposed by the artist - voice and co composition: Mike Altrin

voices: Valerie Fert, Kandi Spindler, Sarah Olson, Peter Hopkins, Bernard Garo, Hugues Lechanoine, Marco Tassini  


Sublichrom on aluminium, 2017

Artist's paintings printed on 1.5mm aluminium foils

video by Marco Tassini


June 2017, Off Paris Hotel


sculpture - folded aluminium

At first it was folded papers, thrown into a corner of my studio in the Art Academy, things I rejected, hidden, secret. Later it has developed into folded canvases, then rigidified to finally appear Stipendium, a polychrome sculpture in 2013. (proposed by the Ticolas Show room as permanent curation ) From there the choice was clear, aluminium foil, light enough to be hand bent. 



sculpture - folded aluminium

individual sculptures, folded aluminium, painted in detail with a resistant technic - bodywork. Ready to be standing or suspended. 

here detail of the metal paint