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45 ans d'art/ 45 years of art

Production year 2023

Mix & Art: Alexandra MAS

music, poetry and voice: Boris POLLET 

Journée du Matrimoine - HF Ile de France & Alexandra MAS
Production year 2015

realisation: Ko-Kok

Gemluc Art 2013

Year of production:2013, by Eric Seban-Meyer

Exposition "13 Porte Bonheur"  

MODART's Interview

Year of production:2013, by Alizée Pichot for Modart's

Vidéo réalisée par Flore Langlade et Alizée Pichot pour Modart's. 


lien ver le site du maître ébéniste L M Vincent


Production year 2010

realisation: Marie-Christiane Marek, AFP

First Art-à-porter dress made by the artist Alexandra Mas and designer Eric Tibusch, they developed a unic technique and the terme "art-to-wear" used today by several brands for any type of arty fashion.

private viewing in Ticolas art & designshowroom

Production year 2014

realisation: Ko-Kok

We can descover the permanent art pieces in the Ticolas art & design showroom and a inedit mis-en-scene of Pop Expericene and Vanity art works. 

L'Aurore des Temps 

cocktail, C.Bortone Gallery 

Production year 2013 by Ko Kok  

With actrice Aurore Tomé

To see Agent de Luxe's interview with the artist click here

Art à Porter 2011

model: Belladonna Fries

haute couture by: Eric Tibusch

with jurnalist Franck Clere

Art & Photography

by Alexandra Mas for

"TON SOUVENIR" by Aurore Tomé

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