Elles - Dans l'oeil de Clouzot

Virtual Reality subjective sequences from Alexandra Mas' vr experience - real length 3 min on Clouzot immersion + infinite loop with women of today talking about him (min time suggested for this second part, 5min)

Curator: Paul Ardenne for Ciné Patrimoine Concept

With: Muriele Mayette-Holtz, Aurelia Khazan, Stephanie Michelini, Vincent Mc Doom, Sacha Tarantovich, Anilore Banon, Lyne Vermes, Elisabeth Grimaud, Ghislaine Gracieux, Christelle Santabarbara, Justine Gasquet, Janine Piguet, Olympe Racana, Arsende Vasselot, Annick Gouba, Cerasela Vlad, Anne Lise Schaich and off voice, Mathilde Lebas

With images from Henri Georges Clouzot cinematography:

Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Simone Signoret, Marie-José Nat, Vera Clouzot, Elisabeth Wiener, Catherine Allégret, Dany Carrel, Danièle Delorme , Mireille Perrey, Cécile Aubry, Héléna Manson, Suzy Delaire, Simone Renant, Ginette Leclerc

camera: Marco Tassini

coding: Jorge Reinoso

texte from the catalog by Paul Ardenne


Dallas, Texas 

April 22nd on line 

noon to 7.30pm

Dallas Time, live


We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Eco-militant Earth Day event. 


Mas Tassini Studio, Shim Art Network, Robert Trend Jones Jr. Freddy Clarke

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