Vernissage February 11th - 3 to 10pm

(exclusivement sur invitation)

28 groupes, correspondant à autant de sensibilités ou de tendances de l’art actuel

Groupe de François Fasnibay:

"Voyages Instantanés"

Ouvert au public du Mercredi 12 au Dimanche 16 février 

(réservez vos billets en ligne)
Mercredi 12, Vendredi 14, Dimanche 16 Février de : 11h à 20h
Jeudi 13, Samedi 15 Février de : 11h à 22h.

Salon Comparaisons

Grand Palais-Art Capital


Vernissage February 14th - 7pm

Campo San Zaccaria, 4683, Venezia

Artist Alexandra Mas, mask master Sergio Boldrin & photographer Marco Tassini are questioning the consumption phenomenon and its result: the pollution. Alexandra Mas is also inviting other artists to participate with their interrogations on plastic pollution through Shim Art Network. 

Canon Fr, La Bottega dei Mascareri, city of Venice

Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, Shim Art Network

Spazio d'arte San Vidal

Amor che nullo amato amar perdona

Rossana Viola_NOPLASTIC_Alexandra Mas-14

stage performance 16th - 3.15pm

Piazza San Marco, Venezia

Artist Alexandra Mas, children from la Scuola di Danza Marina Prando, Venezia, will present a 3 act performance on the Carnival stage. 

World wide avant-premiere of

"Lets Make earth Cool Again"

by Freddy Clarke and Robert Trent Jones Jr 

Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, Shim Art Network




© 2020 Alexandra Mas

Elles - Dans l'oeil de Clouzot

Virtual Reality sequences from Alexandra Mas' art movie

Curator: Paul Ardenne for Ciné Patrimoine Concept

With: Muriele Mayette-Holtz, Aurelia Khazan, Stephanie Michelini, Vincent Mc Doom, Sacha Tarantovich, Anilore Banon, Lyne Vernes, Elisabeth Grimaud, Ghislaine Gracieux, Christelle Santabarbara, Justine Gasquet, Janine Piguet, Olympe Racana, Annick Gouba, Cerasela Vlad, Anne Lise Schaich and off voice, Mathilde Lebas

With images from Henri Georges Clouzot cinematography:

Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Simone Signoret, Marie-José Nat, Vera Clouzot, Elisabeth Wiener, Catherine Allégret, Dany Carrel, Danièle Delorme , Mireille Perrey, Cécile Aubry, Héléna Manson, Suzy Delaire, Simone Renant, Ginette Leclerc

camera: Marco Tassini

coding: Jorge Reinoso

texte from the catalog by Paul Ardenne

“Artist fetishizing the human body (and fist of all, women’s body) with all the representations, Alexandra Mas definds herself as a beauty addict. But pay attention: this, in our corrupted world, subject to all kinds of manipulations – especially those of the body appearance – it does not exists, it remains a fleeing, inextinguishable fantasy. Seize the beauty?  Unfortunately, nothing will be as expected, the real endlessly collapses on itself. The vanity thematic has a reason to take a certain place in her paintings, pictographies or artist’s performances, obvious or rampant it takes a permanent place. It is told: we are the first victims of our consented servitude to this illusion”   

                                       Paul ARDENNE, author, curator