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"Empli de colère et de désespoir, c’est souvent son propre corps, où sa quête identitaire se superpose à l’évolution dramatique de la Terre. Artiste militante, Alexandra MAS veut alarmer en permanence le monde avec ses performances et ses vidéos.


Aujourd’hui, la réalité écologique de ce monde est bien pire que ce que nous pouvons imaginer. Nous jetons 50 milliards de bouteilles en plastique par an!

Une mer de plastique"

 Jean Marc Lebeaupin

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No PLASTIC, powerfully conveys the immense weight and desperation associated with plastic pollution, particularly in our oceans and its impact on our lives. My primary intention behind this project was to physically embody the heaviness and urgency of the issue.


The camera work, skillfully handled by Marco Tassini, captures the essence of this experimental and thought-provoking performance.

A remarkable aspect of the film is the collaboration with IFA Paris, resulting in the creation of a distinctive "cape" element entirely made from repurposed plastic waste. This collaboration highlights the importance of recycling and repurposing materials as a means to combat the environmental crisis. The visual impact of the cape, crafted from discarded plastic, serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of plastic pollution.

Through this artistic endeavor, "No Plastic" serves as a poignant and visually striking call-to-action, inviting viewers to reflect upon their own consumption habits and the profound impact of plastic waste on our planet.

plastic cape made with IFA Paris alumni in sustainable fashion : Lemaris Lorenzo, Rima Bajracharya, Ivo Barazza Castaneda

soundtrack by Alexandra MAS

sound mix Antoine LECLERC

vocal coach Sandrine LENOBLE

camera Marco TASSINI

production and cut MAS TASSINI Studio 

art short

Make Earth Cool Again
live and screened film during the performance

"One of the fascinating aspects of this performative act is the uplifting atmosphere of the third act. The collaboration with Freddy Clarke and Robert Trent Jones Jr., titled "Make Earth Cool Again," adds a sense of hopeful optimism to Alexandra Mas's "NO Plastic" performance. The tune, which is easy for the audience to sing along with, creates a significant impact. This particular act marks a turning point in Alexandra's conceptual activist work, paving the way for subsequent performances such as "Be the Change" and the creation of her LUX* sculptures."

Peter Hopkins

*LUX meaning "Light" in Latin

​EcoArtivist 3 acts performance by Alexandra Mas

The performance "NO Plastic" was presented in Venice and Art Miami, showcasing the plastic collected by an individual who mindlessly consumed for a period of four months. The aim of this performance is to raise awareness about our way of living and consuming. We are surrounded by an excessive amount of unnecessary plastic in our daily lives, and it is possible to manage without it.

In the video, you can witness the live performance on the stage of Plaza San Marco, featuring musician and composer Fredy Clarke and the Venetian dance school Marina Prando. The striking white costumes were designed by Oscar Carvallo, and the plastic cape was prepared by IFA Paris.

During the performance, I sing live alongside Fredy, but most importantly, I passionately shout out during the first part of the show. Wearing the plastic cape, an absurd ode to consumerism, I use reverse psychology to bring awareness to the audience. The performance took place in Piazza San Marco, attracting an audience of almost 10,000 people.


with :


Marina PRANDO scuola di danza


special guests in the video in order of appearance : Zelie LAYRAL, Robert Trent JONES JR., Carmen HARRIS, Diane PERNET

Make Earth Cool Again the song by Freddy CLARKE and Robert Trent JONES jr.

stage costumes by Oscar CARVALLO Paris

masks by master Sergio BOLDRIN

plastic cape made with IFA Paris alumni in sustainable fashion : Lemaris Lorenzo, Rima Bajracharya, Ivo Barazza Castaneda

soundtrack by Alexandra MAS

sound mix Antoine LECLERC

vocal coach Sandrine LENOBLE

Video Marco TASSINI



Alexandra Mas

Time God /  02:15  2012

video editing Aurore Tomé

INA stock footage and artist's own

Alexandra Mas

All Of Me /  05:20.    2015

video editing Ko Kok

music: Mike Altrin & Vlad Sturza

Alexandra Mas

Legs Up /  00:10.      2009

featuring Aurore Tomé


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