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Le Parisien - click here

par Philippe Bavarel

"Alexandra Mas, cette jeune femme au regard perçant, peut très bien lire en vous comme dans un miroir. Face à l’une de ses œuvres, nous sommes tel Dorian Gray devant son reflet. Ce n’est pas par hasard : chacune des créations d’Alexandra Mas – que ce soit une toile, une pictographie, une installation, un objet d’art… – est le résultat de longues recherches basées non seulement sur sa propre expérience mais aussi et surtout sur la mémoire collective. "


pour le lire appuiez ici

Photo Christian Tarro Tomà

"(...) Our relation continued and I was getting deeper into her protean work traveling towards figurative painting confines, lyrical abstraction, pictographs, art to wear. Alexandra Mas is constantly exploring new territories. (...)                                                                             Valérie PENVEN art journalist

"Artistic polyvalence was the norm during the renaissance epoch. We can still find this “touche à tout” beings, just like Alexandra Mas, multidisciplinary artist. Each of her artistic fields is handled with the same passion and mastery. She always dedicated herself to art, more precisely since she was 14. The artist works with all the mediums and means that she can master, etching, graphic design, painting, or photography…. In her works we can feel the Carpathian’s spirit, all mountain’s poetry, force and sensibility. To create is like breathing for Alexandra."           


Jean DEULCEUX, lecturer & art critic

"when I saw her stunning work,  I knew I had to chat with her.  Her elegant paintings harken back to antiquity and are stunningly rich lush and cultured.  What inspires such work?  Here’s our cool chat…THE ETERNAL BEAUTY OF THINGS "                                                             

Michael K. CORBIN, the ArtBookGuy

to read it please click here

"Fine art photography is that area where talents capture something existing or just made and give to it a different life, a new meaning.The lecture is not descriptive but emotional. For Alexandra Mas photography is just drawing with light in a different time loop. A moment that in future will become yours, the viewer. The flickering of a soul that happened and keeps happening in multiple ways, in spectator’s eyes."

UFashOn about Alexandra Mas' collaborations in Fine Art Photography


portrait of alexandra mas

Daniel Besikian

Alexandra Mas

L'oeuvre en VR dans le magazine

"Les 3 Couleurs"


PREMIO ROMA FASHION.            13th edition, 2019

Best Photography for MAS TASSINI STUDIO


awarded for the art and creativity we bring in fashion photography, for the art direction.                                                                              


No plastic

at Art Miami - Aqua Art

hosted by Shim Art network


performance during the art biennale


hosted by Venezia da vivere,

Associazione Piaza San Marco

art-spiel-NY-art show-shim-web.jpg

Vanitas Nostrum III

in situ installation 


thanks to

Shim Art and Kandi Spindler


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PR Cristina Gatti 

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48 paper and web magazines
Artivism Biennale Venezia 22

" (...) this extraordinary artist, works tirelessly, giving herself completely in a inspiring but exhausting elopement, she does not care about her work’s purpose or aesthetical result because only the emotion matters: “sparks of emotions, scattered feelings that may or lay not give birth to an art piece…!” A.Mas

Hunted since years by this meditation, she gave birth to the art movement she is the founder of, the passionate and fascinating inciter, the rebel agitator never finishing to show the beauty of things in their most intimate truth: a beauty that may be, here relays art’s sublime paradox, be ugly because even in ugliness we can find beauty and grace, bothering, interpellant, superb, stunning, touching; Alexandra MAS creates the word “Magnifism”. “It finds its roots in the Latin word Magnus, meaning the big. Like a brother of magnificent without being from it.” She will say in her fundamental text:” Intuition must remain inexplicable, inborn, isolated from pragmatism: it is aesthetical experience’s autonomous engine. Lecture and creation, both result from the intuition, from this brutish sincerity, far away from dogmas. Art is a permanent road between our soul and our experience” A. Mas"

Severine HARTENSTEIN, Red Collector chef editor

press, il gazzettino, venezia, article, alexandra mas

NO - an ugly story -


covered by the venetian daily journal il Gazzettino


Art show at Spazio San Vidal


Alexandra Mas

Marco Tassini

& La Bottega dei Mascareri

live performance on the carnival stage with Make Earth Cool Again  world premiere by Freddy Clarke &

Robert Trent Jones Jr. 

NO - an ugly story -

the artivism 

covered by the venetian daily journal il Gazzettino


Thank you: Mas Tassini Studio, La Biennale, IFA Paris, l'Associazione dei Gondolieri di Venezia, Venezia da Vivere, Venice Fashion Week

and my sponsor:

l'Association Lin et Chanvre Bio Normandie, 

Textile Bio Normandie & LCBio Normandie

article, il gazzettino, alexandra mas, venezia, biennale, performance

CLose Up Mag       October 2012 (named on the cover)     Texte by Art critic Jean Deulceux

CLose Up Mag 

September 2011(named on the cover)

Vanitas Nostrum in Book Haute couture

Italy, 2018-2019


during it's show in place Vendome, the cumulative sculpture has been part of a photoshoot with the main haute couture and fine jewellery houses & featured in the renown magazine in a 13 pages editorial.

photos by Marco Tassini 

place vendome, alexandra mas, sculpture, comite vendome
russin magazin printed editorial about alexandra mas

"Interview avec la talentueuse artiste Alexandra Mas dans le nouveau numéro de

VSYA EVROPA Magazine,pour tous ceux qui aiment l'art et le russe"

"Interview with the talented artist Alexandra Mas in the VSYA EVROPA magazine’s new issue, for all Art

and Russian language lovers."

Source : Vsya Evropa April-June 2015
Texte : Ira de Puiff


"The Road to Your Inner Self

All her art reflects emotions. Each of her works, whether they are paintings, pictographs or ob-art

pieces,they are the result of a profound inner questioning or a research in the collective memory."  

bilboard for alexandra mas art show in sankt petersburg

bilboard for the Fine art Museum art show Saint Petersburg, December 2013 

uzuri magazine article alexandra mas
art work by alexandra mas in elle magazine france

Androïde pictography in ELLE

magazine France, march 2015


 In the editorial "Come to my place, all is for sale", the Ticolas gallery appartment presents one of Alexandra Mas' artworks.

To see the pictography go here

uzuri magazine article alexandra mas by sarah daggett
printed editorial about alexandra mas uzuri magazine by sarah daggett
art book featuring alexandra mas art work

164 artists like Richard Prince, Eric Fischl, Mel Ramos, John De Andrea, George Condo, Pierre et Gilles, Choi Xoooang......Alexandra Mas invited with photos taken from her "Inner Jazz" performances  and a pictography from her work about the collective memory "Pop Experience"

31X 22 cm           Nombre de pages : 357

ISBN : 9 782953 254860 PRIX : 49 €TTC

uzuri magazine article about alexandra mas by jurnalist sarah daggett

works before 2006

"Alexandra Mas has an eye for beauty and can transform any inspiration into a stunning piece of art.Her paintings of dancers display the same dream like quality found in her engravings. Her most amazing characteristic is the wide range of media she uses, and her clear prowess in every field; few artists can claim such accomplishment with such varietyTake a look at her art, and you might be inspired to get a little creative yourself, Alexandra is an inspirational woman – in her art- work, in her thoughts, and her approach to life. Her life as an artist has been an extraordinary journey so far, and she will surely continue with her success."

                                                                                                                                                                                      Extract from Uzuri magazine interview By Sarah Daggett  2011

autumn salon catalog with alexandra mas' art work

Catalogue of the 2013

Autumn Salon in Paris 

vaity fair UK editorial about alexadra mas painting dress

UK Vanity Fair October  2010

First Art-à-porter dress 

agent luxe julie johansen alexandra mas christian taro thoma article mag art
jurnal article, pretties magazine

Agent Luxe interview

for the Aurore des Temps art show and the art to wear presence on the parisian Haute Couture fashion week in 2013 


photo Christian Taro Thomà

agentluxe article about alexandra mas

Agent Luxe interview

article about Alexandra Mas' collaborations in fashion


photo: Eric Tibusch fashion show - art a porter

by Alexandra Mas

Yusuke Taniguchi Tony


Cannes Festival

getting ready for the red carpet 

michelle rodrigues wearing a paiting by alexandra mas


April/Mai 2016

Bordeaux Madame 

at the private viewing in Bordeaux. 2015

artaporter alexandra mas al sharkiah suna moya
monaco catalog with painting by alexandra mas

Catalogue of the 2013

Gemluc Art in Monaco

to see it click here

Art à Porter in Al Sharkiah magazine

fashion editor Suna Moya

photo by Yusuke Taniguchi Tony

editorial page about alexandra mas private viewing in bordeaux
editorial in close up magazine about a fresco by alexandra mas
cover and editorial about alexandra mas
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