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Alexandra Mas


by Silvia PREVITI 

original text in Italian

"The body (its gestures) is a complete writing, a system of signs that represent and translate the infinite search for the Other."

Gina Pane

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Androgynous Symposium

ART MIAMI FAIRS 2023 - Aqua Art

featuring Elton Ilirjani

action painting 

original soundtrack by Alexandra Mas 

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Be the Change

With "Be the Change" of 2022 proposed in Paris, in Venice and then in Art Miami, action painting is supported by the projection of the video "NO II". With a black paint pour, Alexandra evokes the pollution of the seas by suggestively reproducing the oil stains where desperately and energetically, the author brings out the words "be the change," a silent but impactful scream, an exhortation to the public to be the change to make a difference and change the fate of the planet.

by Silvia PREVITI 

original text in Italian

Venice Carnival 2020

eco-artivist perfomance with the MAKE EARTH COOL AGAIN world premiere 

Alexandra MAS, Freddy CLARKE, Marina PRANDO scuola di danza

Art Miami official selection 2019


Aqua Art


Mental Stereo I presented for my performance at the MNAM, January 2017

Texts gathered by Franck Leibovici for his work "mini opera pour non-musiciens"

Sound engeneer & epilogue composition, Mandy Bazin

Stereo mentale - Alexandra MAS
00:00 / 00:00

video Ronan Lofi


Le Musée & Galeries at the Montana Hotel,

Paris, September 2018

Mystic Lands - video projection and live


curator Gwenael Billaud 


TransArt - To die and come back

Alexandra Mas invited a singer to act together about the loneliness and isolation of artists. performed in front of an oil painting by the artist illustrating the impossible sound of the univers. 

performed at the Tween Studios, Paris 2016


artist Alexandra Mas on words from "mini opera pour non-musiciens" by franck leibovici performs words and sounds in the "Musée des Bains", 2017


curator: Gwenael Billaud

sound: Mandy Bazin

sequence from Mystic Lands

photo by Marco Tassini 

alexandra mas, artits performing Mystic Lands
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