the  power  of  the intuition

            I think we are beings of amphibian nature, made of flesh, blood & bone, yet permeated & surrounded by mystery. More or less simultaneously, we manifest in both the immediacy of matter & the riddle of the spirit. Mystery cradles us in childhood, elevates our hearts when we love & shelters us when we die. It’s always there  the secret engine of existence, yet always seems to elude us, evading our piercing views & escaping the rigid concepts of our reason. That is how mystery retains its essence, and also why scientists, philosophers & mystics follow its call. And just like them, Artists are raft-builders: they prepare, wait, work & dare to sail the infinite starry waters of the great unknown, willing to pay the ultimate price for the journey. As humans, artists are weak and ridiculous. Many die servicing themselves in the limelight, like flies hitting incandescent bulbs, mistaken for the sun... Still, as carriers of the call and seekers of revelation, artists are sons & daughters of mystery, ultimate gamblers, the laughable martyrs of transcendence.

Their best shots I call Magnifism. 

Mike Altrin

             L’intuition doit demeurer inexplicable, innée, isolée du pragmatisme: elle est le moteur autonome de l’expérience esthétique, c’est elle qui distingue l’art de l’artisanat, du savoir faire et du design. Lecture et création viennent de l’intuition, de cette sincérité animale, loin des techniques dogmatiques. L’art est un aller retour permanent entre l’âme et l’expérience.

Alexandra Mas


April 22nd on line 

noon to 7.30pm

Dallas Time, live


We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Eco-militant Earth Day event.

Mas Tassini Studio, Shim Art Network, Robert Trend Jones Jr. Freddy Clarke

Dallas, Texas 

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