Vernissage February 11th - 3 to 10pm

(exclusivement sur invitation)

28 groupes, correspondant à autant de sensibilités ou de tendances de l’art actuel

Groupe de François Fasnibay:

"Voyages Instantanés"

Ouvert au public du Mercredi 12 au Dimanche 16 février 

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Mercredi 12, Vendredi 14, Dimanche 16 Février de : 11h à 20h
Jeudi 13, Samedi 15 Février de : 11h à 22h.

Salon Comparaisons

Grand Palais-Art Capital

Future Art Show


Vernissage February 14th - 7pm

Campo San Zaccaria, 4683, Venezia

Artist Alexandra Mas, mask master Sergio Boldrin & photographer Marco Tassini are questioning the consumption phenomenon and its result: the pollution. Alexandra Mas is also inviting other artists to participate with their interrogations on plastic pollution through Shim Art Network. One art piece will be presented and a larger selection will be showed on a  screen.

Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, Shim Art Network

Spazio d'arte San Vidal

Future Art Show

© 2020 Alexandra Mas

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
This classical subject that inspires artists since centuries, is literally meaning "lightness". The Vanitas are here to remind our fragility and fast passage on earth. "Memento Mori" is telling us Alexandra Mas. Present in her Art-to-Wear work, in some rare paintings and beautifully done small sculptures it is a very intimate theme for her. Symbolised by the human skull, by withered flowers, rotten fruits, by clepsydras or watches, even musical sound and instruments, the fast passage of life is a theme that celebrates life and human emotions.


Both her themes, dancers and vanitas, face to face, give us a rather epicurean understanding; the artist is reminding that life is beautiful but too short to concentrate on useless, earthly goods. 

"L’artiste  nous plonge dans une introspection profonde de notre société actuelle (…) Ses vanités conservent l’idée originale: confronter l’être humain à l’inéluctable fin de son existence. Mais les compositions picturales ou sculpturales d’Alexandra Mas sont remarquables car délibérément tournées vers l’énergie de la vie, cette Proto-Matière. Ses vanités souriantes sont comme un pied de nez à l’issue finale"


"The artist is immersing us in this profound introspection of our society. Her Vanitas maintain the original idea: confront men to the ineluctable end of his existence. Alexandra Mas’ pictorial or sculptural compositions are remarkable because they wilfully turn towards life’s energy, this Proto-Matter.

Her smiling vanitas snub the final outcome"                 Jean Deulceux, art critic & historian

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