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this pictographic work is Alexandra Mas’ interpretation on the perfect woman. Just like Fritz Lang’s movie, “Metropolis” 1927, like Queen’s “Radio Gaga”, like the “5th element” by Luc Besson, and again 2006 “Metropolis”, Japanese animation movie, Alexandra Mas is giving us here her vision of the woman perfected by the future technologies. As very often in her work, we find here her approach to the sexuality, not androgyny, but a real feminine, ageless asexual woman. “By seeking physical perfection by any means, the women forget their primordial role, to give life” Metropolis was a man made machine, Androïde is a machined woman.  



HD print on 190g paper with UltrachromeK3 Epson ink, UV mat polymer lamination, 5mm aluminium collage and aluminium back framework


Pop Experience
The question raised in this works is the collective memory, without avoiding the thin border to neither kitsch nor the clichés; Alexandra Mas is taking us to a journey from modern to contemporaneous artists deeply rooted into everyman’s mind. It is a photography and pictography collection the artist presented both in London and Paris.
HD print on 190g paper with UltrachromeK3 Epson ink, optical collage on a 5mm Plexiglas, aluminium support and aluminium back framework

"The artist is inviting us to a profound introspection. The consumerist spectator is adulating today his T.V. heroes and the movies stars. Artists like Warhol or Rosenquist have also denounced while glorifying this façade muses. Alexandra Mas is refreshing this subject highlighting our collective memory. "


Jean Deulceux, art critic

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