Often dance show instants, this paintings try to capture the symbolism and the emotion of movements up to the illustration of the sound itself. Between action-painting & expressionism, Alexandra Mas finds a place of tender beauty.



"Alexandra MAS is one of these rare beings that make dreams come alive. She is sharing a universe taken from poetry with a veridical technical skill. Through her compositions she manages to make us travel into her fantasy world. The movement is the main theme of her paintings; her art budges in front of our eyes. She is taking us to a kinetic frontier. We can find a certain chrono-photography close to Muybridge or Marey’s art. The artist is more than a creator, but an observer that rewrites emotions."

Jean Deulceux, art critic and historian

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April 22nd on line 

noon to 7.30pm

Dallas Time, live


We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Eco-militant Earth Day event. 


Mas Tassini Studio, Shim Art Network, Robert Trend Jones Jr. Freddy Clarke

Dallas, Texas 

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