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oil on canvas, wood chassis 100/72cm 3300 $ or euros


oil on canvas, wood chassis 90/60cm 3850 $ or euros

acrylic on canvas, wood chassis, american box style, black wood 100/160 6600 $ or euros

oil on canvas, wood chassis 120/160cm 5500 $ or euros

Dreams Tradewoman

oil on canvas (arrives rolled) 214/124cm (consider 10 to 15 cm lost on the chassis) 6600 $ or euros


oil on canvas, wood chassis 120/160cm 3300 $ or euros


oil on canvas, wood chassis 100/100cm 2200 $

oil on canvas, wood chassis 100/100cm 2200 $ or euros

oil on canvas, wood chassis 100/100cm 2200 $ or euros

oil on canvas, wood chassis 100/100cm 3300 $ or euros

oil on canvas, wood chassis 120/150cm 5500 $ or euros

oil on canvas, wood chassis 150/120cm 5500 $ or euros

oil on canvas (arrives rolled) 412/160cm (consider 10 to 15 cm lost on the chassis) 6600 $ or Euros

oil on canvas, wood chassis 120/160cm 3850 $ or euros


oil on canvas, wood chassis 81/65cm x 2 4400 $ or euros


oil on canvas 80/100 3300 $



Should you possess any distinct concepts or specific prerequisites for a personalized art piece, we warmly encourage you to initiate contact with the artist.


Through collaborative dialogue, a shared exploration of details encompassing size, color palette, and artistic style, resulting in the conception of a truly one-of-a-kind creation meticulously tailored to your desires.

For bespoke undertakings a 50% deposit is requisite upon order placement. The remaining balance is to be settled prior to shipment. This prudent payment framework is designed to afford the artist the essential time and resources to dedicate to the realization of a work harmonizing with your vision.

Displayed here is a magnificent painting commissioned with great care for a distinguished art aficionado nestled in the heart of Bordeaux, France. This masterpiece, spanning an impressive 190/190cm, flawlessly encapsulates the dimensions and color scheme stipulated by the discerning patron. Its prominent display upon the central wall of their living space serves as an emblem of prestige


interior moses.jpg

some of the paintings in collections


about the painting

"Alexandra MAS is one of those rare individuals who bring dreams to life. She shares a universe inspired by poetry with genuine technical skill. Through her compositions, she transports us into her fantastical realm. Movement is the primary theme of her paintings; her art springs to life before our eyes, leading us to a kinetic frontier. We encounter a certain chronophotography reminiscent of the art of Muybridge or Marey. The artist is more than a creator; she is an observer who rewrites emotions."

Jean Deulceux, art critic and historian

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Alexandra Mas is undeniably a master of drawing, and this expertise transcends into her approach to oil painting and acrylics with the same nonchalant finesse as her inks. Her use of the brush is spontaneous and vibrant, reminiscent of a sketch capturing the essence of a moment. In her paintings, the focal point is the human being, laden with the symbolism of body movements. Frequently collaborating with dancers, she seeks that precise moment when a dance or movement pauses, revealing the personality within the stillness. It's as if the potency of the action surpasses the actor, giving rise to a captivating tableau. Her art can be aptly described as expressionist, showcasing not only strong figurative capacities but also a profound understanding of anatomy, while poetry triumphs once again, weaving through her entire body of work.

Alexandra Mas est indéniablement une maître du dessin, et cette expertise se transcende dans son approche de la peinture à l'huile et de l'acrylique avec la même finesse nonchalante que ses encres. Son utilisation du pinceau est spontanée et vibrante, rappelant un croquis capturant l'essence d'un moment. Dans ses tableaux, le point focal est l'être humain, chargé de la symbolique des mouvements corporels. Collaborant fréquemment avec des danseurs, elle recherche ce moment précis où une danse ou un mouvement fait une pause, révélant la personnalité dans l'immobilité. C'est comme si la puissance de l'action surpassait l'acteur, donnant naissance à un tableau captivant. Son art peut être justement décrit comme expressionniste, exhibant non seulement de fortes capacités figuratives mais aussi une compréhension profonde de l'anatomie, mais la poésie triomphe une fois de plus, se tissant à travers l'ensemble de son œuvre.

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