The metal engraving is a craft that she learned from famous artist M. Chirnoaga when she was only fourteen years old. 
What characterizes her engraving technique is the glibness of her execution. If most are copying previous drawings on the metal plates, Alexandra Mas is drawing directly on it, with a uninhibited line. The emotion is direct, her drawings are alive. 
The Dialogue
The Dialogue

etching, acvaforte, acvatinte


Comedia, etching, 16/14cm

L'heritage II, acvaforte acvatinta 50/70cm, 1997

L'heritage II (detail)

l'heritage II (detail)

L'heritage, acvaforte acvatinta 50/70cm, 1996

L'heritage (detail)

L'heritage (detail)

L'heritage III, acvaforte, 29/44cm, 1997

L'heritage III (detail)

Moarning II, acvaforte 50/30cm

Moarning II (detail)

Comedia II, selected in Uzice, international small etching biennal 1997

Comedia II (detail)

engraving, 1998

The lost I, acvaforte 15/70cm, 1997

The Lost (detail)

The lost II, acvaforte, 30/17cm, 2003

Seduction,avcaforte acvatinte 50cm-20cm, 1999

linogravure, 2000

acvaforte, 29/44cm, 1998

Ikar, acvaforte, 1999

Southern Winds, acvaforte acvatinte 50/70cm, 1999

Bohemian, this little acvaforte is Alexandra Mas' first engraving, she was only 14, 1993

Peasant portrait V (travel books),acvaforte, 1998

selfportrait, acvaforte, 1997