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limited edition box

hand analog printing in Paris with art reproductions, numbered

it comes with an art certificate 

Analog fuji film reproductions, hand printed individualy

A art critic by Silvia Previti 

Direct links to each artist

100 pieces available - one in Paris and one in NY upon request 

A4 format

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Artivist group at Art Miami Art Fairs 2022



SHIM ART network


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The book features  the préconçue art show, and texts by Ira De Puiff and Severine Hartenstein. It showcases twelve captivating pictographs, including self-portraits and oil paintings, along with an installation and a participative art piece. These pieces are the result of four years of dedicated work with over 50 women from diverse social backgrounds, making the artwork even more meaningful and impactful.

Alexandra Mas' artistic vision and profound connection with her subjects brings a sensible society topic, women identity.

art show presented by curator Dominique Remond in her Marais gallery, in Paris, in 2015

"Preconceived ideas, clichés, what we are not, or if we are, just small part of and with so much more complexity, richer and so alive compare to this labels… This artwork is righteousness staggering, with daring scenography, converging views over this subject concerning us all! Thank you for this work!"

(Comment by Anickee on the books selling page)  

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style and art magazine

High quality 224 pages recycled, stitched paper magazine presenting luxury fashion and most of all a very interesting Art selection under the art direction of Alexandra MAS

in Europe shipment offered

for other destinations please consider the postage fee



hand painted
or hand printed

During her superior studies in Paris, Alexandra had the opportunity to learn fabric design, and she put her skills to use in a collaboration with the French jewelry brand, Clio Blue. Today, Alexandra creates stunning hand-painted or hand-printed silk scarves, each one a unique piece of art. Her work is truly one-of-a-kind, and she is able to integrate a fantasy monogram into her designs upon request.

Alexandra's scarves are the perfect statement accessory, bringing together her artistic talents and her passion for fashion. They are a testament to her creativity and dedication, and a reflection of her ability to create beauty and elegance through her work.



We take great care to produce each piece manufactured with the finest quality materials, ensuring that every piece is a work of art in its own right.

price upon request

master of crafts L'Atelier De L'Eventail




An innovative concept brought to life by Alexandra Mas and couturier Eric Tibusch in 2009, draws its inspiration from the visionary styles of Elsa Schiaparelli and Yves Saint Laurent, both renowned for infusing artistry into their fashion masterpieces. Mas and Tibusch's ingenious technique harmoniously merges the realms of haute couture and artistry. Their groundbreaking partnership, lauded in 2010 by Marie Christiane Marek, a distinguished correspondent for the AFP (Agence France-Presse), stands as a testament to their creative prowess.

From 2010 to 2014, the dynamic duo of Mas and Tibusch captivated audiences during Paris Haute Couture Week, leaving spectators awestruck with their wearable yet artfully crafted ensembles. Their distinctive approach unfolds as a profound dialogue between the two artists, culminating in haute couture garments meticulously tailored and stitched directly from the vivid canvas of Mas's paintings.


For a deeper exploration into the captivating world of this collaboration and the breathtaking pieces it has yielded, we invite you to immerse yourself in their insightful interview, available at!video/c65q.

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