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Shim ECO is a group under Shim Art Network that functions as an extensive matrix of motley islands that connect artists, collectors, writers, philosophers, creators of all types, scientists, galleries and public places around the world to share information and creations whose central concern are climate change, environment and social justice. Shim ECO is an open-sourced platform with a non-hierarchical structure. Each individual can suggest or develop initiatives with the support and help of other members. It is an entrepreneurial laboratory with a self-funded base that can open up to sponsors in accordance with the group's philosophy.

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“An Archipelago is an expansive cluster of islands, in such a geography there is no center. Referring to a large and extensible network there is no hierarchy. But, all the same, encouraging a "global exchange" which does not homogenize culturally but produces a difference from which new things can emerge "

Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2014, Ways of Curating, p.14

image from NO, the performative art video by Alexandra Mas - Mas Tassini Studio production


Shim ECO is the first art group created by and for artists of any age or nationality, to begin the process of reinventing the art world as a progressive, interactive and user-generated ecosystem that can reshape how we understand each other within the global cultural economy. We prise the process, the devotion and the technics, the intimate  poetics of each artist or designer. 

Shim ECO is created primarily as an organization dedicated to connecting and promoting sustainable artistic practices, but it has a second, more low-key principle that works in harmony with the first - that of teaching every member artistic business practices. sustainable.


Shim ECO can be a driving force in helping emerging and established artists better understand how to engage in markets and connect with a global audience. Each curator in the group will give digital lessons on building a social media network and how to use the SHIM / Artsy site to promote each artist's work through the largest art e-commerce platform. in the world. Shim ECO is also creating the first European residency for development where artists can learn promotional tools every summer while preparing together for upcoming events. Located in Saturnia, Lazio, Italia the residence can accommodate 6 artists. Finally, as Shim ECO grows, we will be adding new benefits for members, such as a dedicated eco art fair and a list of galleries open to hosting Shim ECO art events.

Meet The Team

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Managed by a core of five artists / curators, Alexandra Mas, Marco Tassini, Courtney King, Sarah Olson and Hannah Hardenbergh, Shim ECO works to offer an open structure that will allow artists from all over the world and with a wide variety of plastic practices, to create a cluster of art and performance events dedicated to ecology, sustainable development, land and human rights.


This group is inspired by coral reefs, the largest organic structure in the world. The coral reef has no architect but participants. Its ecosystem is complex but flexible, and it can adapt quickly.

Shim ECO's aim is therefore not to impose content but to have a broad enough vision to better illustrate the success and sustainability of natural structures, such as trees that share information and nutrients. Everything is impacted by each element in an unconscious or voluntary way. In this vision there is no center and collaboration is imposed on the hierarchy.


Shim ECO is dedicated to bringing together artists eager to integrate collective action, inspired by science, and who work full time alone or jointly to preserve, educate and share information, forge communities, highlight facts. They are ready to surprise.

Shim ECO is therefore an archipelago of determined and united creators, who will diverge and converge on subjects, with the aim of ensuring that these global artistic voices no longer remain unexpected or invisible.

from Treaty on Magic by Alexandra Mas - manuscript, drawings and poem from 1999 & pictographic transcription 2016


sarah OLSON

“We are a collective of artists who share the same ambitions to trace and highlight the global catastrophe of the climate crisis. Through our creative actions, such as performances and in situ installations (site responsive installations) the artists in Shim ECO join a huge community of activist artists training the public to be aware of and trigger a real change in the policy of the fight against the climate emergency. ”

Sarah Olson


New York artist Sarah Olson creates exaggerated figures in dystopian landscapes. Her work explores the environmental catastrophe and the impact of Christianity on our perceptions of the female body, sexuality and our relationship to nature. It can use gasoline, plastic or wax. His most notable series is Rise, echoing the rising waters and the revolutionary call - rise up.

Rise - performance 2012

Courtney King_Rewilding Patchwork Quilt.jpg

courtney KING

“Rewilding is a pervasive theme in my work. Decenter the human and adopt a more critical position towards oneself in order to find a collective response. That's why I'm part of Shim ECO, to build a community of artists who examine our relationship to nature. ”

Courtney King


Courtney King, a young London artist working with textile and nature, is currently doing a thesis in art management at Goldsmith University. What is interesting is that all of her work is biodegradable. Her art is a kind of visual activist speaker for gardens.

Rewilding  - 2020




From the same generation, Hanna Hardenbergh, a recent Harvard graduate, is a curator and also a minimalist artist. She adopts the organic and geometric shapes to illustrate her permanent relationship with nature. She likes large formats in which she wants to convey her search for beauty  and simplicity. Her art in three words : collective, non-human, land


“Eco-sensitive art requires us to face our relationship to the non-human. It requires us to develop a collective understanding of our path up to the geological era, the Anthropocene, and to find how to radicalize a change allowing a more harmonious coexistence between human and non-human societies ”

Hanah Hardenbergh

"Untitled (Midnight)", 2021



is nourishing three profound passions: the ocean, a relentless free diver and ecoartivist; photographer and movie director; with a doctorat in human rights and history of constitutions. His photographic path interweaves these universes offering us poignant videos andphotographic works imbued with eco-social messages. 


Self taught photographer and movie director, in 2012 Marco Tassini became professor at IED, Rome (Instituto Europeo di Design), in 2015 he moved to Paris and co-founded Mas Tassini Studio with visual artist Alexandra Mas. From 2017 Tassini is having a video and photography chair at IFA, Paris (International Fashion Academy) where he is very active with the sustainable fashion MBA. In 2019, Mas Tassini Studio was awarded best photography by Roma Fashion Awards.

“Since time's dawn man has felt the need to express himself and this form of communication, which is art, can only resurface from the depths of ourselves. The ego in relation to the eternal, I find it only in water, an ancestral element that is part of us. My ideas are born at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea and after they take shape in my photographs or art videos. My manifest is made of water and for the ocean, we have an obligation to protect this divine element from human pollution. "

Saturnia - 2021 


alexandra MAS

In Alexandra Mas' art, nature is transcribed on several major themes. First it was latent, in a contemplative form through her studies and interpretations of landscapes, since 2010 she has become active with the anti-consumerism and the primitivism of her works or performances. Female effigies, may they be accusers or bearers of hope, are messengers of a possible future world and a return to basics.


“Shim Eco is a collection of artists and thinkers who share the same vision of ecoartivism. This group accesses the galleries as a common body, to lend a strong voice to the global crisis of life. It is an expansive pole that deals with ecology and sustainability through multiple art forms, where the individual flourishes in the plural "


Alexandra Mas

Mystic Lands - ink drawing -2018 with a poem from 1998

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