Vernissage February 11th - 3 to 10pm

(exclusivement sur invitation)

28 groupes, correspondant à autant de sensibilités ou de tendances de l’art actuel

Groupe de François Fasnibay:

"Voyages Instantanés"

Ouvert au public du Mercredi 12 au Dimanche 16 février 

(réservez vos billets en ligne)
Mercredi 12, Vendredi 14, Dimanche 16 Février de : 11h à 20h
Jeudi 13, Samedi 15 Février de : 11h à 22h.

Salon Comparaisons

Grand Palais-Art Capital

Future Art Show


Vernissage February 14th - 7pm

Campo San Zaccaria, 4683, Venezia

Artist Alexandra Mas, mask master Sergio Boldrin & photographer Marco Tassini are questioning the consumption phenomenon and its result: the pollution. Alexandra Mas is also inviting other artists to participate with their interrogations on plastic pollution through Shim Art Network. One art piece will be presented and a larger selection will be showed on a  screen.

Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, Shim Art Network

Spazio d'arte San Vidal

Future Art Show

© 2020 Alexandra Mas

LAVENAIR & Mike ALTRIN, portraits par Alexandra Mas

It was rather something from the future that stopped me in my tracks and stared right into my soul. Hidden, unmanifested and overwhelming, his great sovereign uncertainty left me no choice but to submit.

Text from "Diary of a Burn-Outby Mike Altrin



Mike ALTRIN - Musician & Writer 

Laurence CASPAR - Maître tisseur

Jean DEULCEUX- Art lecturer 

Nicolas HAMM - Interior Designer, Drawings

Séverine HARTENSTEIN - Writer & Strategy developper

LAVENAIR - Painter

Alexandra MAS - Artist

Pierre MOUNIER- Designer 

Eric PAJOT - Media​ Artist

Marco TASSINI - Photographer

Axel VIERSAC - Art Philosophy

Bertrand WAUTLET - Comedian, producer

Vasantha ZEGANADIN- Pluridisciplinarian artist

Je sens donc je suis 

I feel therefor I am