Vernissage February 11th - 3 to 10pm

(exclusivement sur invitation)

28 groupes, correspondant à autant de sensibilités ou de tendances de l’art actuel

Groupe de François Fasnibay:

"Voyages Instantanés"

Ouvert au public du Mercredi 12 au Dimanche 16 février 

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Mercredi 12, Vendredi 14, Dimanche 16 Février de : 11h à 20h
Jeudi 13, Samedi 15 Février de : 11h à 22h.

Salon Comparaisons

Grand Palais-Art Capital


Vernissage February 14th - 7pm

Campo San Zaccaria, 4683, Venezia

Artist Alexandra Mas, mask master Sergio Boldrin & photographer Marco Tassini are questioning the consumption phenomenon and its result: the pollution. Alexandra Mas is also inviting other artists to participate with their interrogations on plastic pollution through Shim Art Network. 

Canon Fr, La Bottega dei Mascareri, city of Venice

Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, Shim Art Network

Spazio d'arte San Vidal

Amor che nullo amato amar perdona

Rossana Viola_NOPLASTIC_Alexandra Mas-14

stage performance 16th - 3.15pm

Piazza San Marco, Venezia

Artist Alexandra Mas, children from la Scuola di Danza Marina Prando, Venezia, will present a 3 act performance on the Carnival stage. 

World wide avant-premiere of

"Lets Make earth Cool Again"

by Freddy Clarke and Robert Trent Jones Jr 

Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, Shim Art Network




© 2020 Alexandra Mas

photo Marco Tassini

the artist is grateful to the Comité Vendôme, the house Damiani, the house Lachaume, Acrylica Paris and photographer Marco Tassini

Vanitas Nostrum

Here we are, face to face with this surprising parallelepiped telling us a story throughout the elements composing it. Using the cumulative technique, the visual and performing artist Alexandra Mas, embeds objects full of reason. They are writing, just like words, Vanitas Nostrum.

What can be more identifying and attaching than a fragrance? Yet, it evaporates with all the knowhow and the marvellous that it holds. In this same manner, sailing ships, dolls, mirrors, collection cars, pumps, accessories, laces… all this luxury…objects of our life nestling in this art work, aren’t they, ultimately, fleeting witnesses?

The composition is an oneiric voyage, allowing us to reflect on the ornaments we wear and the roles we are playing. Very direct, Alexandra Mas is showing throughout Sergio Boldrin’s masks, a whole human comedy of false pretences and emotional hideouts. We discovered it Place Vendome, Paris, in it’s embryonic state, kissed by the flowers from maison Lachaume.

The act of withering will mark the passage of time, this ancestral symbol accompanying the art piece and giving us, for a moment, the keys of her creative intimacy; I find it almost initiatic, because we recognise ourselves in it.

This experience is intangible, surprising… and no matter what your feelings may be in front of this sculpture, it offers to you naked, vulnerable, in the same time, if any paradox can be, terribly powerful.  

                                                                           Severine Hartenstein

photo Christian Tarro Toma

We used generative music to offer a certain meditational dimension to the project. It plays on the cerebral waves with a very subtle psychological effect. This art show caries a profound personal message, as many of us form subconsciously preconceived ideas. We wanted to take you into these dark areas of our minds, where demons appear. In a profane language we might say this is but an unbearable buzz.

In the texts, we will discover five levels, the woman and four observers that Mike Altrin named the four judges: The Love-struck Voice, the Hatred Voice, the Novice  Voice (the one analysing himself at the view of another) and the Heart Voice, linked to the portrait with the same title.

All of Me, a contemporaneous vanity (images from the installation)

Musique: Mike ALTRIN  & Vlad STURDZA

Voices: Alexandra MAS & Mike ALTRIN  

video Ko-KOK & Alexandra MAS / production 2015

"Installation of about 30 self-portraits put together like a mask game: "If I were to have a different exterior, how would you see me, as the same?" In this group we discover “Heart”, photography and painting on metal. 

This work is brought together by sound by Mike Altrin with Alexandra Mas’ voice and text. Préconçue offers a stroll in the deep inner being of the artist. Far from an egocentric work, Préconçue is a voyage in the heart of the studio of a female artist.”

Jean Deulceux Lecturer and Art Critic

“What can be understood from one’s appearance? Intuition, analyse, judgment…. From the moment we are born they attach labels to us. This labels they give you or you take in order to comply with an acceptable and friendly social pattern…fluctuant identity floating on the trends and waives that offer us roles to paly in the life’s grand theatre. Till the day we realise the necessity to break free of stereotypes, till the day we chose to become ourselves. This moving identity, this becoming creation fascinates me…”

By Valérie Penven, art jurnalist


Sublichrom on aluminium, 2017

Artist's paintings printed on 1.5mm aluminium foils

video by Marco Tassini


June 2017, Off Paris Hotel


June 2017-January 2018,

Saint James, Bordeaux

La Diva, a contemporaneous vanity, August - October2015
Participative art work, the artist offered her portrait to be spoiled and covered by the gallery visitors during 40 days. In this  same period she aded people-magazines papers to anchor the art work in Paris of that time. 

Photo by Ko-KOK 

“The scenography invites the viewer to participate. One could view the artwork as performance: they are all self-portraits, or participative works as the artist allows to be spoiled.In front of “the Diva” you will find acrylic paint for each of you to play action painting like a modern Jackson Pollock.Smearing her image shows a detachment of the artist from her image.  The final artwork no longer belongs to the artist but instead the viewer."

Jean Deulceux Lecturer and Art Critic

Heart, a contemporaneous vanity, December 2016, Tween Studios
video in a mirror sequence presented on two separate screens 

Photo by Ko-KOK